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    Hands-on courses on Data Science

    Participate in classroom and lab based 5 days course

    Under AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy programs

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About The Courses

We are living in a Data Age. Data is being continuously generated and consumed in various formats, and sizes from several varied sources. This data can be a big asset if stored, processed and analyzed efficiently in real time with the help of intelligent algorithms. There is a growing interest to utilize such data for the improvement of business, health, education, society etc. There are many ways to process and analyze such data spanning techniques like data visualization, text analytics, predictions and recommendations etc. Applications of these techniques can give companies and organizations valuable insights leading to competitive advantage, efficient service delivery and above all customer satisfaction. And, the demand for skilled resources in these fields is growing day by day. CDAC Mumbai is announcing this course in Data Science and Machine Learning as a part of AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy programs.

Today businesses cannot depend only on their products or services to grow, they must utilize and learn from historical data to better understand the end user. Data is the new oil. And in recent years, data science has emerged as a most sought after domain not only for industry professionals, but also people from academia. This course is aimed at giving participants a starting point in the field of data science to further build on. The course emphasizes hands-on approach for better understanding of the techniques used in the domain. Hence, the course will not only introduce the foundations of data science to them, but also equip them with hands-on techniques for extracting insights from the data. It will also give them a tour of advanced techniques of statistical analysis and machine learning.

We also provide corporate training, consultancy, custom development and research services to interested entities. For any such requirements you can contact us at kbcs@cdac.in.

  • Data Science

    Course Dates: November 18 - 22, 2019

    Registrations Open.